Martin Bradáč.

Martin Bradac

Marketing specialist who will guide you through the online jungle

Social networks

Do you feel like your social lianas don't have the benefit to draw from for your online project, you can't keep up with them and you don't follow their current formats like Instagram Reels or Guides? Or simply don't have the time to water and maintain them to grow organically or pay for them?

I want to join the online jungle


The internet jungle is a huge place where it's easy to get lost. If you don't know about the visitors to your pavilion and can't figure out which direction to go without data you can easily get lost. Alternatively, if you are trying to sell and would like to drive more traffic in this competitive environment.

Explore the online pavilion

Commodity comparators

Do you want to cut through the jungle to get insights on other sales channels like Amazon, Ebay, Glami, Favi or Google shopping but don't know how to do it? Need to make your XML feeds a bit more granular so that products are paired correctly?

Harmonize XMLs