Martin Bradáč

I will make your project visible at the best place and time for your clients

Google marketing

I will show your project on the top positions on Google when your customers are searching for you. I have experience managing accounts with budgets of over 1 million CZK per month and know how to optimize campaigns for best results. I focus on targeted ads that bring relevant visitors to your website.

Campaign design and management: Creating and optimizing Google ad campaigns.
Keyword Selection and Analysis: Identifying the most effective keywords for your business.
Cost Optimization: Maximizing ROI while minimizing cost per click.
Targeting the right audience: Using demographic and geographic data to accurately target your ads.

349€ per project

Social media ads

Increase awareness of your project on the biggest social networks. With targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram, I’ll ensure you reach your ideal customers and achieve your goals. I’ll create effective campaigns that increase your visibility and audience engagement.

Campaign design and management: Creating and optimizing Facebook and Instagram ads.
Audience-specific targeting: Using detailed data for demographic, interest and behavioral targeting.
Creative ad design: Creating engaging content that captures your audience’s attention.
Cost Optimization: Efficient use of budget for maximum reach and engagement.

349€ per project

Website SEO audit

Improve your website performance with a thorough SEO audit. I will focus on technical aspects, content and backlinks to identify weaknesses and opportunities for growth. Based on the results of the audit, I’ll recommend specific steps to achieve better search engine visibility.

Technical Site Analysis: Check loading speed, mobile optimization, URL structure and other technical factors.
Content Analysis: Evaluate the quality and relevance of the content on your site.
Back link analysis: Assessing the quality and quantity of links leading to your site.
Identifying key issues: Identifying and correcting errors that negatively impact SEO.
Recommendations for improvement: Specific steps and strategies to increase your site’s visibility in search engines.

Starting at 419€

Website tracking

Accurate and detailed measurement of your website performance is the key to success. Using analytics tools, I'll set up measurement of key metrics that will give you insight into the traffic and effectiveness of your marketing activities. Optimize your strategies based on reliable data.

Setting up analytics tools: Implement Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other analytics tools.
Key Metrics Tracking: Measure traffic, conversions, abandonment rates and other important metrics.
Visitor Behavior Analytics: Overview of how visitors move around your website.
Reporting and recommendations: Regular reports with analysis and recommendations for site optimization.
Conversion Rate Optimization: Identification and removal of obstacles in the conversion process.

Starting at 219€

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